Bonding with Your Newborn

August 31, 2017 0 Comments

Let’s be real… Newborns aren’t exactly interactive. Bonding with a newborn can be difficult for some people. Like any relationship, sometimes your child is born and the two of you just click. It was meant to be. Other times, it is a slow burn. Whichever situation you find yourself in, here are some of the easy and practical ways I cultivate a relationship with my babies when they are fresh and new.

Newborn Bonding Skin to Skin

Skin to Skin

Hold up! Before you give me that internal (or actual) eye roll, hear me out. Dads, you too. Whenever I heard “skin to skin,” I always thought it had to be *ahem* full exposure. Like if it wasn’t the way things were the day they were born it wasn’t real. Wrong! It took three babies for me to realize that all skin to skin counts! Hand holding counts. Tracing their little profiles while they eat counts. Constantly kissing those sweet cheeks totally counts! So, cut yourself some slack and get to snuggling.

newborn baby boy swaddled by dad

Image by Tamara Picazo

No Technology During Feeding

We all do it. Those newborn days are filled with feeding and in this busy world we live in, it can be hard to embrace the slow down. Leaving my phone behind during feedings completely changed the experience, for me. Even if you just intentionally choose the first or last feeding of the day to be tech free, the two of you will grow closer. Trust me, that episode of The Bachelor can wait.


There are so many options out there, you are bound to find something that suits your needs and your baby’s. I absolutely love babywearing. I like to start with a Moby Wrap for the first few months. It is so snug and cozy. You feel like they are a part of you, again. In hotter climates, I would recommend finding a ring sling, like this one. Once they grow big enough, I graduate to the Ergo, which is my all time favorite. It is super easy to use and rugged enough for our outdoor adventures. Click here to see the exact one that we use.

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Image by Tamara Picazo

Talk or Sing to Your Baby

It may feel silly at first, but it will become second nature, soon enough. Your baby truly does not care if you are reading them a recipe or can hardly carry a tune. They just want to hear your voice.

If you are struggling with building a connection with your baby, you are not alone. I have been there, questioning myself and wondering, “What is wrong with me?” Nothing. There is nothing wrong with you. All relationships are different, even if it is your child, and every relationship takes work. I hope that you can choose just one thing from this list that will deepen the love between you and your baby and build on what you two already have established.

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tips for bonding with your newborn

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