Lularoe – My Maternity Style Obsession

June 7, 2017 1 Comments

Now before you run for the hills, let me tell you that I do not sell Lularoe, have no intention of selling Lularoe, and this is in no way sponsored by anyone who sells Lularoe. This is the real deal, third pregnancy, wish I would have known about this sooner, kind of love affair.

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I actually had never tried a piece of Lularoe until I was already creeping into my second trimester of pregnancy. This being my third baby and quite likely my last pregnancy, I vowed to spend zero dollars on maternity clothing. If I wouldn’t wear it after baby, it wasn’t going to be added to my wardrobe. That seriously limits a girl’s shopping capabilities… Lularoe to the rescue! Here are the pieces that stole my heart (and my wallet) this pregnancy.



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Mother Daughter Maternity Silhouette 39 weeks lularoe julia

She is just the right amount of modest mixed with… is a pastor’s wife allowed to say sexy? I mean, really, when your bump starts showing, Julia is form fitted in all the right places. I would say I naturally fall in between two sizes. Until about 28 or so weeks, I stuck with the smaller size and I absolutely loved the look, the perfect silhouette. As I moved into the third trimester, it got to be a little much and I leaned toward the larger size. Paired with leggings and boots in the early Spring or Fall months, you can’t go wrong. When things warmed up, I switched to my slip-on Converse.



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This is the perfect layering piece to make you feel like you’re dressing nicer than you actually are. Let’s be real, most maternity jeans are less than flattering and rarely make you feel like a million bucks. I’m telling you, add a Joy to your maternity jeans and t-shirt, and you will suddenly feel like you have it all together. I personally love the lace style Joys. They add such a feminine, dressy touch.



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Last, and certainly the most, is the Carly. This has been my absolute favorite style of dress during pregnancy. I’ve worn it to church, around the house, grocery shopping, to Disneyland… This dress is incredibly versatile. When the weather was colder, I paired it with leggings, boots, and a cardigan. When summer rolled around was when I truly fell head over heels for this breezy style. The fit will get you through every stage of pregnancy. As I neared the end of my pregnancy, I did notice that the high-low cut inched a bit higher than I preferred. Not enough to retire the style, but just enough to keep me from wearing it to church. Starting at about 38 weeks, I seriously rotated through my Carly dresses for most days of the week. If I had to choose one thing to wear through an entire pregnancy, it would be the Carly. Hands down.

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There are definitely other Lularoe styles that compliment pregnant women and are great as maternity pieces, but I was so bent on buying items that would be wearable in my true size after pregnancy. If you have the same goal, I know you could rock these styles through pregnancy and beyond. Trust me, it sure is nice to use your precious spending money on something that will last longer than nine months!

What about you guys? What is your absolute favorite style of Lularoe? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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    Kayla Hay

    June 9, 2017

    I’ve never tried lularoe (gasp!) but I love your choices! I may have to get on the bandwagon. Beautiful!