Where Do Your Children Run?

July 7, 2017 0 Comments

I am sitting here, enjoying some alone time with our newest addition, reflecting back on the past few months. On days like these, when my kids are away from me, they will eventually come running through the door and go searching for me. At the end of my pregnancy, Ellie had come home and ran into my bedroom shouting, “Mama! Mama!” Once she saw I wasn’t in bed she just assumed I wasn’t home. Looking nowhere else, she went back to her dad and told him I was gone. What did that say about me? What message was that delivering to my kids?

mom holding pouting sad child outdoors plaid shirt

What it was saying about me was that I was ridiculously pregnant and exhausted from raising kids, but nonetheless, that moment has stuck with me even after delivering Ezekiel. Where do your children look when they need you? When someone is hurt, or mad, or sad, when they are hungry, or lonely, where do they run to find you? For me, now that I am no longer pregnant, they seem to look in the living room. Honestly, I don’t really care where it is they look, I am more concerned about the “why.” Do they look for me on the couch because I sit there scrolling on my phone or because that is where I do my devotions every morning? The where isn’t so important as the why.

father and child working in garden planting seedlings

One morning, Faith, our oldest, woke up before anyone else and walked straight outside looking for her dad. My kids know if they can’t find him, it is because he is working on the yard or creating something in the garage. My husband serves our family by working with his hands and he absolutely loves doing it. He has sent a message about what he values and enjoys and the kids have received it loud and clear.

I want to challenge you with this question: Where do they run to? Take notice of where your kids seek you out and consider why they look there. I know for me, that question woke me up inside. I’m sending a message, but is it the right one?

— Brooke